BACE History

Our Rich History 

The Black American Comptroller Employee’s Association, Inc.  (BACE) was founded in 1981 and is comprised of current and former employees of the Texas Comptroller’s Office; the organization’s main purpose is to promote an awareness of the African-American culture and the appreciation African-American heritage by engaging in charitable, benevolent, patriotic, employment-related and educational activities.

The officers and members of BACE represent every professional area of the agency.  BACE has recently adopted a theme which personifies the positive aspects of innovation and the human spirit:


BACE was a triumph from its inception. The first Black History Celebration was a formal luncheon in 1981. Georgia Thompson, Founder of BACE, was responsible for organizing this landmark celebration. Georgia unfaltering patriarch of BACE throughout its existence.  After several reconfigurations of our name, including Black Employees Committee (BEC) and Black Comptroller Employees Committee (BCEC), the organization was chartered as a 501-C3 non-profit organization in 1990 under the name Black-American Comptroller Employees Association, Inc. (B.A.C.E)

The organization’s first president and vice president were Dovie (Ellis) Jackson and Glenn Shankle, respectively. Succeeding presidents (in order of service) were Gwen Foster, Otis Fields, Obie Greenleaf, Sr., Dorothy Johnson, Phyllis Wilson, Jewel Hunter, Gerard Washington, Carlton Hackett, Sharon Porter, Tammy Gray, Margaret Amachigh, Tommy Nobles, Carol Jackson, Cedel Evans and Paul Washington.

Radie Cannady  is the current President.

Black American Comptroller Employees Association, Inc.